Bridging the Gap between Here and There:

Combining Multimodal Analysis from International Perspectives

10-13 September 2014, Bremen, Germany

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Multimodality can today be seen as one of the most influential semiotic theories for analyzing media artefacts. However, the concepts of this theory are ambiguously and heterogeneously widespread, especially with regard to approaches in Germany on the one hand and those within the international context on the other. Definitions of modality and even mediality differ from each other in terms of their general basis which, from a national perspective, is too often focused on language as the main point of description. A more general and internationally already well-established basis in multimodal analysis, in contrast, takes language no longer as the main semiotic resource of communication, but sees it as one part of the multimodal ensemble carrying meaning.
The conference takes these differences in national and international perspectives as a starting point of discussion and analysis. By making explicit which aspects of description, terminology and methodology vary and which difficulties result from these variations in daily academic life, it aims at activating the discussion about this situation and opening new approaches to the analysis of multimodal documents.

Confirmed Plenary Speaker:
Diane Mavers, Institute of Education, University of London, GB
Hartmut Stöckl, University of Salzburg, Austria

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