Second Bremen Conference on Multimodality
September 2015:

As a follow-up of our successful first conference in 2014,
we are proud to announce the second Bremen conference on multimodality which will take place in Bremen in September 2015:


Second International Symposium
on the Theory and Practice of Multimodal Research
Interdisciplinary Conference at Bremen University, Germany
21-22 September 2015. 

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:
Theo van Leeuwen, University of Southern Denmark
Hans-Jürgen Bucher, University of Trier

 See the call for papers here.


First Bremen Conference on Multimodality
September 2014:

Bridging the Gap between Here and There:
Combining Multimodal Analysis from International Perspectives

This conference took place from
10-13 September 2014
at the University of Bremen, Germany


See documentations of the conference here and here.

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