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BreMM19: Multimodality – Empirical Inroads

September 25-27, 2019

at the University of Bremen, Germany

BreMM19 will feature a rich program including more than 30 talks in long and short format, 8 poster presentations, and 1 special project demo. The conference set-up will provide room for presentations on recent, empirically-oriented research projects, and discussions of the problems and challenges in conducting empirical multimodal analyses.

The Bremen Conferences on Multimodality are annual events with speakers from all over the world discussing and presenting recent topics of multimodal research. As an interdisciplinary and international symposium, each conference offers a place to think about developments and advancements in the topic of multimodality and the disciplines connected to this field of research. BreMM14 was dedicated to building bridges between various multimodality-ready disciplines, BreMM15 concerned itself with theoretical and methodological exploration. BreMM17 laid the foundation for the formation of a standalone discipline to be dubbed ‘multimodality’ as opposed to the widespread interdisciplinary view. BreMM19 will focus on empirical inroads in multimodality research.

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