#BreMM19: Fourth Bremen Conference on Multimodality, September 2019

As a follow-up of three successful conferences in 2014, 2015 and 2017, the fourth Bremen conference on multimodality took place in Bremen in September 2019:

BreMM19 logo

Fourth Bremen Conference on Multimodality: Empirical Inroads
Interdisciplinary Conference at Bremen University, Germany
25-27 September 2019. 

BreMM19 featured a rich program including more than 30 talks in long and short format, several poster presentations, and a special project demo. The conference gave room for presentations on recent, empirically-oriented research projects, and discussions of the problems and challenges in conducting empirical multimodal analyses.

Plenary Speakers:
Barbara Tversky, Stanford University
Irene Mittelberg, RWTH Aachen
Ralph Ewerth, TIB Hannover
John Bateman, University of Bremen

See the full program of the conference here and photos of presentations and discussions here.

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