Program BreMM15

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Monday, 21 September
08.30-09.00 Come Together 
09.00-09.15 Conference Opening
09.15-10.00 Keynote Hans-Jürgen Bucher Theories of multimodality in the light of reception studies
10.00-10.20 Coffee Break
  Panel I: Multimodality as a disciplinary crossroads
10.20-10.55 John Bateman Defining mode – but this time for real
10.55-11.30 Morten Boeriis & Søren Vigild Poulsen When Kress and van Leeuwen meet Peirce: Exploring a social semiotic – Perceian theory of multimodal text
11.30-12.05 Jeewon Kim The Logos of language, as reflected in multimodal “solar-capable bodies”
12.05-12.40 Kate Maxwell Multimodality and the benefits and limits of cross-disciplinary “evangelism”
12.45-14.00 Lunch Break
  Panel II: Multimodal Content Analysis
14.00-14.35 Mark Debus, Angelika Storrer, Heiner Stuckenschmidt & Hartmut Wessler Wikiganda: How neutral is Wikipedia?
14.35-15.10 Birgit Huemer Coherence in multimodal art installations
15.10-15.45 Leonhardt van Efferink “Agency in Germany’s ‘War on Terror’ – Applying a Multi-Modal Framework to Study Newspaper Representations of the Kunduz Air Strike in 2009”
16.00-16.20 Coffee Break
Panel III: Multimodal perception, transcription, and interaction
16.20-16.55 Florian Mundhenke The curious case of the interactive documentary
16.55-17.30 Jan Krasni Intuition and intuitivity: Reflecting on media beyond the dichotomies of hardware and software, user and apparatus
19.30 Conference Dinner
Tuesday, 22 September
09.15-10.00 Keynote Theo van Leeuwen Vectors: A new approach to a key concept in the semiotics of visual communication
10.00-10.20 Coffee Break
Panel IV: Multimodal meaning creation and communication
10.20-10.55 Klaus Sachs-Hombach & Jan-Noel Thon Mediality and Multimodality across Media
10.55-11.30 Morten Boeriis Bending axioms: Theoretical principles in social semiotics from a multimodal perspective
11.30-12.05 Sophia Wege Multimodal dimensions of poetic effect at the example of Heinrich Heine’s poetry
12.05-14.00 Lunch Break
Panel V: Multimodal encounters in everyday discourses
14.00-14.35 Tuomo Hiippala Multimodality in digital longform journalism
14.35-15.10 Yannik Porsché Multimodal discourse in the exhibition space and the mass media
15.10-15.45 Andreas Rothenhöfer When the face disagrees: On the semantic and pragmatic relations between modes in face-to-face communication
15.45-16.40 Extended coffee break / Interactive session: Posters
Panel VI: Expanding the toolbox of multimodal analysis
16.40-17.15 Martin Siefkes Multimodal text interpretation: Modeling the whole process
17.15-17.50 Chris Taylor Audio description: A practical application of multimodal studies
17.50-18.25 Daniel Klug & Axel Schmidt trAVIs: A tool for multimodal data analysis
18.25-19.00 Conclusion
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